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The best asphalt running shoes for women

If you have made a promise to go running more this year, the first thing you will need is a quality shoe.

women’s road running shoes
women’s road running shoes


o ensure you can cover any distance in the greatest comfort possible, Men’s Fitness magazine’s website provides this guide to the best asphalt running shoes, which were selected after hard testing last year.

But before moving on to the actual selection, Shankara Smith, manager of Run And Become (London’s running store), explains the things you should consider when buying a running shoe.

Breathability Running shoes are not designed to be waterproof, but they must be breathable if you don’t want your feet to overheat. “Most running shoes are made with two or three layers of mesh, which means they are lightweight and allow sweat from your feet to evaporate easily,” says Smith. “But unless you’re happy to buy a new pair every time you go for a run, you’ll want your shoe to be durable, too.

Fit Try on the shoes, tie the laces tightly and walk. “Make sure there’s not too much room in the back of the heel and that it’s not too tight around the toes,” says Smith. “You’ll usually find a different, stronger layer of material around the bridge of the foot to keep it comfortable and in place. Blisters shouldn’t be a problem if a shoe fits.