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The Best Mountain Boots for Women

it is essential that the mountain boots meet a series of requirements so that your choice is optimal and you only have to worry about enjoying the environment, nature and the activity you are going to do.

How to Choose Your Mountain Boots

If you follow the basic notions that I’m going to give you below, you can’t go wrong when choosing your hiking boots.

Women’s Mountaineering Boots
Women’s Mountaineering Boots

First of all and the main decision is to know for which activity or activities you are going to destine the mountain boots. If you do not know what you are going to use them for, the other advice does not make sense.

But do not worry, it seems that I am putting it very bad, but it is not. With a simple question you have it solved: “Am I going to practice mountaineering?

So I just go with the requirements that a mountain boot must meet.


It is the most important aspect because it is what will make you enjoy the mountain.

But, be careful, it must be the right size so that it does not cause you scratches, blisters…

Two tricks for getting the right size:

Try on your boots as many times as necessary until you are sure and try a ramp to go up and down. This way you will know the response of your footwear on sloping ground.
Put your foot in the boot with the sock you are going to use in the mountain and then move your foot forward (let your toes touch the toe). If the space between your heel and the end of the boot is the size of your index finger, it is the correct size. This space will prevent your toes from shrinking when you descend and you will end up cursing the day you bought the boots on this blog.

Stability and Grip

Your hiking boots have to allow you to walk on any path or trail without having constant imbalances, slips or sprained ankles that will cause you to have an injury.

A good sole is essential for shoes to provide stability and grip.

The sole that provides the best grip is the Vibram sole, although there are other brands that use their own soles.

Salomon uses the Contragrip sole and Five.Ten has the sole with its Stealth rubber. Both give very good results.

I strongly discourage buying mountain footwear that doesn’t have any of these three rubbers.



The boots have to protect your feet and also your ankles.

Good hiking boots will have rubber protections on the toe and on the back. Also the instep and side areas will be reinforced.

To protect the ankle, you should choose boots that are medium or high in height. The portion of the boot that rises above the foot and over the calf is called the boot shank and it is very important that, although it is flexible and allows freedom of movement to the ankle, it keeps the ankle in a tight grip.

Waterproofing and breathability in women’s boots

The hiking boots should allow your feet to sweat, but they should also be kept dry.

This is achieved by providing the footwear with a membrane and the best on the market is Gore-Tex.

You cannot afford to buy hiking boots that are not waterproof. If your feet get wet, you are lost, as long as it is not 40 degrees.

But of course, if it’s 40 degrees, your feet must sweat to avoid overheating which is very annoying.

As a conclusion, your hiking boots have to have a waterproof membrane yes or no.

With these 4 notions I have given you, you will not fail in your choice of boots.

But don’t leave yet, there is only one final detail that you will like.

After knowing which are the 10 best mountain boots and having chosen the one that you liked the most and that best suits your needs, do you want them to last a long time because you have left behind a lot of money?