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Sandals are one of my favorite shoes. If you like them like I do, but you want some recommendations, you’re in the right place. Below, you can enjoy my guide to the best women’s sandals for this season.


women’s low rise sandals
women’s low rise sandals

To begin the guide I found it very interesting to tell you about one of the sandals that I like the most and that is why I am putting on more during this season.

As you can see in the image that I offer you, these sandals are really very nice. Their straps may seem somewhat simple, but once you put them on your feet you will realize that the straps are very nice and will fit your feet very well. Depending on your taste, you can buy these sandals in red like me, or in other colors like black or gray.

If you care about the materials, you are in luck. These sandals are made of suede, while the sole is made of polyurethane.

The sandals have a 3 cm platform and a 7 cm heel. This way you’ll look taller and therefore more beautiful. The sandals will enhance your figure. In addition, if this is not enough, I can guarantee that they look great with all types of clothing. I personally recommend them to wear in your free time, although I have seen some women wearing them to work.


If you are looking for an attractive, comfortable and perfect sandal for this summer, do not hesitate and take very much into account the model of the brand Transer. This sandal has a very attractive design, which adapts very well to all types of summer clothing. In addition, it has some bright that will make your feet look much more beautiful. These rhinestones are imitation, but this does not matter, because your feet will look much nicer.

I have clear that the design is not everything in a sandal. That’s why I made sure they were comfortable before I bought them. And now that I have used them many times, I can tell you that they are really comfortable and you will be able to wear them for a long time without your feet suffering. All this is possible because they are made of high quality imitation PU. This material will prevent your feet from sweating due to excess heat and above all it will make your feet very comfortable. The sole is made of rubber, so you can wear these sandals on any kind of dry surface.

women’s low rise sandals
women’s low rise sandals