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Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Women may have difficulty finding good outdoor footwear. Sometimes it even seems as if the nature industry is not paying attention to the specific needs and desires of the female hiking community.

Women’s hiking boots for this season

Although it is difficult to find the right pair of hiking boots for women, I will do my best to help understand the process better. Below are the best selling women’s hiking boots

 Women Mid Hiking Boots
Women Mid Hiking Boots


Types of hiking shoes for women

There are several important kinds of hiking shoes and since we are talking about hiking boots, it is necessary to identify and define the other categories.

In the world of hiking, there are:

Track runners
Hiking boots
Mountain boots

Track runners are athletic shoes like sneakers with a low-cut ankle, lightweight design and athletic fit. Track boots are usually above ankle-cut boots with thick, heavy soles and sturdy construction.

The hiking boots are distinguished from the rest. These boots are made specifically for extreme expeditions and offer extreme insulation, protection and integration into external systems such as crampons.

Lightweight Boots

The lightweight hiking boots will be the most flexible and versatile for hiking boots. They are usually strong enough for a week’s walk and, of course, for shorter days of walking. These type of hiking boots are made of more synthetic and mesh materials than leather to save weight.

As a result, they tend to be cheaper, lighter and less durable than their leather-built cousins. With a more flexible design, they will not provide the same amount of support, depending on where you are hiking and the terrain, this may not be a problem.

Middleweight boots

In the middle and a compromise between light and heavy hiking boots for women are the middle weights. This boot offers greater support with a stronger and more durable sole and upper.

More leather and waterproofing is also available with the heavier weight. This type of boot is ideal for long walks in not very difficult and rocky terrains. If you are



Here we have all the support and protection for your feet at a cost of weight. In this category we will find full grain leather boots with complete waterproofing.

The rigidity and less flexibility are a noticeable drawback but you gain more support for hiking with a heavier load as with a full backpack or a baby carrier.

If you plan a hike through rocky, rugged terrain, this type of backpack boot is almost a must. Something to keep in mind with this type of boot is the rest period. Don’t just go out on the road for a week’s walk without a break.

Mountain Boots

For the hikers who enter the technical world of mountaineering, these boots are a long-term necessity. However, the vast majority of us do not need hiking boots and they are really unsuitable for most hiking applications.

Mountaineering boots are very expensive and are designed for very specific applications. It does not make sense to wear hiking boots on a normal hike because they are heavy, rigid and made to handle accessories such as crampons.

I know that when I started walking, the hiking boots seemed super cool. They are elegant, I always thought: “Professionals should wear them!”

Don’t be fooled into buying some unless you’re mountaineering. You’ll know when you need them.