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Women’s Basketball Shoes

Choosing the best basketball shoes to play in can be the difference between winning and losing. Deciding which one is best for you is not as difficult as it may seem at first. There are many things to consider when making the decision. You need shoes that support your feet, keep them comfortable and give you the right amount of traction to avoid slips and falls on the court.

women’s basketball shoes
women’s basketball shoes


What should be considered when buying a women’s basketball shoe?

1. Material

Before basketball shoes were generally made of leather, and although this is a very durable material, it is not extremely lightweight. The perfect basketball shoe today has a mixture of materials. Leather for high abrasion areas and mesh or synthetics to allow a great airflow. Stability is important in a sneaker and having leather in the areas that need more support, such as ankles and heels, is the best, however, synthetics in the forefoot and tongue offer the breathability you need.

Traction in a shoe is paramount. Basketball shoe soles are usually rubber, with a tread design that provides the desired grip on the court. The closure of the shoe is also important, and many shoes will offer you plenty This is what helps fix your foot in the shoe and provides flexibility.

2. Style

The styles of the shoes you choose make a big difference in your game, as they offer you different types of support and flexibility, as well as a great variety of movements. The low rise basketball shoes look very much like your standard running shoes, they are designed to be lightweight and flexible with the best traction. This is for those who make many turns and quick changes of direction on the court. These shoes do not offer as much support in the ankle areas as they allow flexibility to increase your agility on the court.

The medium bumpers allow for great bursts of speed. Although they do not offer the same type of speed as low profile shoes, they are lighter than high profile shoes and offer some ankle support. In addition, they do not restrict movement as much as high tires do. High-Tops are the preferred shoes of power players. They are for those who have more physical contact and do not require the speed or agility of faster players.

These are the players to jump for shots and rebounds and need the support of their ankles to absorb the impact. A study was completed on the effects of basketball shoes on vertical jumping, read it here. These are generally the shoes that offer the most cushioning and comfort, as well as stability and support.

Your style of play will determine the type of shoe that fits your game. Choosing the right shoe makes the difference in playing time and can also prevent injuries when shooting at the hoop.

women’s basketball shoes
women’s basketball shoes


3. Type of compound

The compound used in the sole is important. You need to have a rubber compound that offers the most grip with a traction pattern to make sure you have a safe foot on the track and can make those turns and get those bursts of speed when you need them. They’re also much more comfortable than synthetic soles because they’re not as hard and offer some freedom of movement.

The thickness of the compound used in the soles will differ between indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. Outdoor shoes require a thicker sole to cope with the rougher surfaces of the outdoor courts, especially in the midsole of the shoe. On the other hand, indoor basketball shoes have thinner and softer rubber compounds that adapt to the smooth and polished surfaces of the indoor courts.

4. Traction

Shoe traction is enormously important when talking about basketball shoes. Being able to have a stable grip on the court is of utmost importance, especially if you are driving the ball around the court. There is also a difference between indoor and outdoor shoes.

Indoor shoes will have a finer tread pattern than their outdoor counterparts in order to cope with the smooth and polished surfaces on which they are played. Outdoor shoes will typically have a larger tread pattern with deeper grooves to cope with the uneven and rough surfaces of the outdoor courts.


5. Weight

The weight of the shoe makes a huge difference. There is a difference in weight between different styles of shoes. High top basketball shoes will be the heaviest. They sacrifice some of the lightness of the other types of shoes to offer more support and stability, especially for your ankles. Low top shoes offer the lightest weights and are built for speed and maneuverability on the court, while medium top shoes, on the other hand, are the most versatile.

It is not as heavy as the tops and not as light as the bottoms and offers some support for the ankle areas. Another point that is important here is that your indoor shoes will be much lighter than your outdoor shoes.

The reason for this is the heavier, thicker sole that outdoor basketball shoes require to give them the durability they need on the rougher surfaces of outdoor courts.