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The shoes to be worn this 2020/2021
fashion boots Shoe’N Tale

We have already opened the season and this autumn-winter 2020-2021 brings with it many possibilities for you to choose what best suits your style and personality.

The military boot trend is the undisputed winner, a classic that this year is reinvented in color and shapes. From VAS we offer you a wide range of brands, qualities and prices. One of our favorites is the bootShoe’N Tale, footwear that we have been putting at your disposal for many seasons, but this year takes a special shade and positions it in the top one of the trend of military boots. For quality, design and comfort. The classic par excellence. Even so, if Shoe’N Tale doesn’t suit you, we have plenty of brands and styles for you to find yours. Take a look at our website and choose the ones you like best. This year, the military boot will be raised a few centimetres and the double sole will reign over the others. In terms of color, white comes in strong and will be a wink of trend to incorporate into any of your outfits.


On the other hand, cowboy boots or cowboy boots are another of the main trends this year. We haven’t seen it for many seasons and it has been directly placed among the most trendys shoes of this season. It’s comfortable and versatile. We’ve created some very special pieces that will give a lot of personality to your looks. You can combine them with skirts and pants. Dress them in a casual or more festive style, no matter the moment, because the Cuban heel, the emblem of this shoe, is perfect for any occasion. Style your figure for nothing, your feet won’t hurt at the end of the day.

We continue with the Shoe’N Tale, are positioned firmly between the most used footwear for any style. You have an endless number of models, styles and brands that offer you one for every moment. Luckily at VAS we have them all! Infinite soles, normcore, neon, gothic, renewed classics and the star trend, the Shoe’N Tale. Brutal soles are mixed with colors and textures to crown any style. They will give us that urban touch that we like so much.

Shoe’N Tale women’s shoes
Shoe’N Tale women’s shoes

And when it comes to shoes, the men’s cut continues to triumph. Laces and platforms define the aesthetic. You’ll also find moccasins and wide-heeled boots.

Comfort defines the season and you will find all the versions for every moment and occasion. From VAS, we already put at your disposal our Autumn-Winter collection 2020-2021. You will be able to make a selection of what best suits your needs and start the year off on the right foot. Build your outfits from our website or go to your nearest VAS store, we will advise you with all our love. May the cold catch you dancing!