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 Nine West , The shoes and sandals that have made me fall in love

I love Nine West. Their shoes are so cute and the price doesn’t go up too much. Her spring-summer collection shows me again that if I’m looking for beautiful, fashionable shoes of any kind, I’m going to find them in that brand. I still remember my first crush on Nine West: a trip to New York from which I brought a lot of bags and shoes from the firm. And now I can find them without having to travel.

Ankle boots

I like their heel and that they hold the foot well. Button up sandals are ideal to wear with a skirt or with a short straw, I think you get a scandalous look just by wearing them, even combined with simple clothes. And I don’t think they’re too uncomfortable despite being so high off the ground. I think it’s going to be one of the whims I’m going to have this summer.

Nine West women’s shoes
Nine West women’s shoes

Let’s forget for a moment about heels that are more than ten centimeters long and that destroy our feet. I prefer a summer with comfortable shoes, with some heel but that I can wear in my day to day from morning to afternoon. Shoes with medium heels, wedge shoes that raise your height without killing you.