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The most top designs of Converse sneakers for women

Dynamic, timeless, essential, the Converse women’s shoes deserve all these qualifications and more. The firm, of American origin, is an obligatory reference for the most fashionable women who seek that model, between classic and exclusive, which adds a touch of singularity to their most casual looks. You still don’t have yours?

Converse women’s shoes:

from the basketball court to the current women’s closet
The models of this cult brand founded by M. Mills Converse at the beginning of the 20th century continue to arouse passions. The simplicity of their designs, the resistance to wear of their rubber soles or the already more than known comfort of their lasts, has achieved that the faithful heirs of those first shoes that stepped on the basketball courts in the twenties of last century have managed to get a preferential position in the female closet of the XXI century. Plain, in printed fabrics or with colorful prints, made of smooth natural leather, soft nubuck or light canvas, the Converse women’s shoes threaten to conquer you. Take a look at our pages and get that pair that will become an inseparable ally of your mini and jeans shorts, your cotton dresses or even your most sophisticated palazzo pants.

Converse women's shoes
Converse women’s shoes

Classic and fireproof models or ultra-feminine versions

In addition to the now indispensable Converse shoes for women with rubber tips, at Zalando you will find these renewed models that once again demonstrate the ingenuity and creativity of the brand’s designers. Today, Converse shoes are adapted to the latest trends, both in terms of color and shape. If the All Stars are already a classic on the accessory shelf of the feminine closet, the versions with a wedge or an extra-flat sole are not far behind. Discover all the brand’s models in our catalog, as well as shorts and T-shirts, and let yourself be surprised by their versatility.