the best selling women shoes
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why are these the best selling shoes for women ?

It is curious. When I was little the shoe collection was not one of my favorite parts of fashion. However, over the years, I have reached that point of no return where I love shoes! They are one of the things I buy most often and I have learned little by little to play with colors, styles, heights, etc.

I’m not a high (or not very high) shoe wearer because, although I like them, I feel I’m not the best at wearing them because I’m not entirely comfortable. So my fan goes beyond the heels. I always include a variety of options: fashion in sneakers, ballerinas, fashionable sandals, boots, salons, moccasins…

The previews of the season are already in the stores and the sales converge, on the one hand, of the shoes that are left from the autumn-winter; and, on the other, the new, what is coming.

So… beyond the seasons we want to focus on the best-selling shoes: those that are really on the street setting the tone.


The best selling shoes in the store

Generally the shoes are sold more or less depending on the time of year, ie if spring is sold more women’s athletic shoes and if it is winter more women’s boots, either for walking or mountain, so here we leave you depending on the season the most sold and sought after in the store for you to see and choose what you like