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Why choose Aquazzura shoes

Aquazzura is an international brand specialized in women’s shoes. In all its footwear lines, the brand incorporates the latest technological advances and the most advanced solutions to improve footwear comfort. All its shoes take care of the smallest detail, using first quality materials providing the necessary well-being to people with delicate feet.

Aquazzura shoes for women
Aquazzura shoes for women

Aquazzura shoes the best

In Aquazzura we emphasize its special width lasts that adapt perfectly to the specific problems of each foot, providing a correct adjustment without pressing or creating uncomfortable rubbing. This special fit allows the correct adaptation of anatomical and corrective insoles, alleviating the typical problems of the most delicate feet. The soles are specially designed and made with lightweight materials to reduce and absorb the impact of the foot on the ground and spread it over the entire surface of the foot.

Aquazzura is comfort and elegance

The signature Aquazzura does not forget the design in their shoes, giving all its lines of a casual and original, in line with current fashion trends, without ever losing the elegance, both in their special dress shoes for templates, as in his line of sport.