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Why choose Alexandre Birman shoes for women

One of the most sought-after factors especially in the case of women. A comfortable, healthy and functional shoe is not synonymous with an ugly shoe. More and more the big brands of footwear bet on more attractive shoes without leaving aside health and comfort, that is why Alexandre Birman shoes are the best in that aspect.

Choose the right size of Alexandre Birman shoes

The footwear has to adapt to the shape of the foot and not the other way around. Choosing the right size will greatly ensure the success of our selection. Try the shoes on both feet, and preferably with the socks or stockings you are going to use them with.

Alexandre Birman shoes for women
Alexandre Birman shoes for women

The best shoe models by Alexandre Birman

The shoemaker’s profession runs through the veins of Alexandre Birman. Of course, he grew up surrounded by moulds and skins, learning by inertia an artisan tradition that came from his family. After a period working side by side with his father, he took over as CEO of the arezzo & co group, founded by his family in the 70s and which encompasses his firm.

Craftmanship and the use of the best raw materials are the personal seal of the house. Aimed at a contemporary woman who values luxury on her feet, there are extremely elegant sandals and lounges for every occasion, without neglecting one iota of functionality.