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The best Adidas Women’s Shoes

The truth is that we had this particular list pending, and we already have it in orbit: the best running shoes for women 2020. This leads us to tell you not to lose any detail, check out the latest market news and discover the main proposals of the leading brands in the running sector for this 2020 season.

In the running shoe segment, it is clear that trends are the ones that mark the way forward in most cases, and as women’s running continues to boom, and without touching the ceiling, the commitment of the leading brands in the sector does not obviate this aspect to present a greater number of exclusive models for each type of running, but with designs adapted to the needs of women runners, and going beyond the main feature of reducing the weight of the model in the women’s versions. There is still a way to go, but in the atmosphere you can already feel that there are airs of change, and that these are coming to stay.

Adidas Women’s Best Running Shoes

With what has already been said, it only remains for us to invite you to discover this particular list of the best running shoes for women, to compare prices and thus… to find the model that best adapts to you, and to your running profile! Ready… here we go! Don’t forget that, in many cases, functionality and design go hand in hand!

Adidas Ultraboost 20

 adidas women's shoes
adidas women’s shoes

The latest version of the German brand’s flagship running shoes top of the range in cushioning has also arrived with the novelty of using recycled materials in its construction. Through the Primeblue fabric, the ecological material Parley Ocean Plastic transforms the plastic collected from the beaches into recycled yarn, and thus prevents pollution of the sea. That said, in terms of performance, the adidas Ultraboost 20, as a brand of the house, incorporates Boost technology, which ensures a great return of energy and comfort in every stride; but this latest evolution of the Ultraboost 20 also bets on that perfect fit, which provides the Primeknit fabric of its upper; as well as more precise support in the most strategic points of the shoe, thanks to the inclusion of innovative Tailored Fibre Placement technology.

Adidas SenseBounce Street+

We start the list with a training shoe designed specifically for women, the Adidas SenseBounce Street+. The custom fit provides maximum support during running while the Bounce+ technology added to the midsole offers superior cushioning and increased propulsion. And the TPU outsole ensures durability in the most wear-prone areas. As a curiosity, adidas includes a QR code on the model itself that will take you to a playlist exclusively for runners.



If you are a sportswoman, you will love these shoes and if you want another type of shoe we have all types or if you prefer another occasion as party shoes we also have