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The best above-the-knee boots to wear

How to wear your high boots in style

You don’t have to be a celebrity or have an infinite closet, we tell you what clothes you can wear the high boots to look stylish.

It is an undeniable fact: the higher the boots, the more flattering they are. They are that type of footwear that makes you taller without necessarily being a heel and make your leg thinner, especially if they are a dark color.That’s why we have the Autumn/Winter guide, perfect for wearing them in style.

above-the-knee boots for women
above-the-knee boots for women

Above knee boots with Knitted dress

The most sophisticated option for going to work, for example. Mini knit dresses can be worn without socks as long as you wear high boots like Miranda Kerr’s. On top, add a coat in a dark shade.

boots above the knee combined with a turtleneck

Our winning bet. This year, the trendy sweaters are the ones with high neck and full color. We’ll combine them with high boots for looks as spectacular as Negin’s.

boots above the knee combined with a turtleneck
boots above the knee combined with a turtleneck

Long Boots with jeans and biker

Another cool option for wearing high boots: with skinny jeans or jeggins. Wear your boots with the tightest jeans you have, they will give a whole new look to your jeans. You can combine it with a perfect jacket or short garments if you are very straight, or with longer and looser garments if you want to hide your hips.

long boots with black clothes

The easiest way to dress is to go for a total black look because, as mothers – who are our best stylists – say, when in doubt, black is always a good option. Advice that also applies when you wear high boots. If you combine them with clothes of the same color you will create a super elegant effect.

long boots with black clothes
long boots with black clothes